eliminate render blocking javascript and css

eliminate render blocking javascript and css
eliminate render blocking javascript and css

How to Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS?

Eliminate render-blocking javascript and css. This Method is use for Improve or Speed up for Website Loading Speed. Or this method is very necessary thing. That you have to do in your Website. Because if your website loading speed is very less or Low. That’s mean your website after sometime be ‘Paralyzed’ or be ‘Banned(Never Again Rank in Google, and Any other search Engines)

So Now, Let’s Begin When we think about Our Website Ranking. It’s very necessary and Important to think of “Loading Speed as a important thin”, Not a Luxurious, and to handle it Accordingly.

There are a lot of things that include in this Equation (eliminate render-blocking javascript and css) this Equation is very Import. And This Equation also affect your website Bounce Rate and Website Real-Time. This Equation determines that how quickly your website visitors start to see your Content. And When visitors Come to your website. And How much they read your Content (According to Time).

In Speed of Website also have sometime problem with Visitors that your can’t solve or Control.

These Problems are:

The Speed of Visitors Internet Connection

Their Geographic Locations.

Network Congestion

And Many More.

But Many other things also there that you should Control.

There are many tools in the Market, But One Powerful Tool I know. This Tool is very Useful to Identify Your Website Speed-Reducing Issues. And This Tool is the Product of ‘Google’.  Now Await thing the Tool Name, The Tool Name is ‘Google PageSpeed Insights’.  I definitely say that Most of You know about This Tool (Google PageSpeed Insights). This tool it’s fully Free and Remove all your issues (remove render-blocking javascript jquery wordpress) Issue that Slowing Down your website loading speed, Such as render blocking css and javascript.

Common Issue: Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS


There is total Ten Speed Rule. Means these rule if you use properly in your website. I guaranteed you that your website Speed is Above 95 (95+).

Ten Speed Rules Are:

  • Enable compression
  • Improve server response time
  • Minify resources
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • Optimize CSS Delivery
  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Optimize images 

In these, Ten Speed Rules two of them you have to work with JavaScript and CSS resources blocking above-the-fold content. Fail either of these two rules–and many, many sites do fail one or both–and you’ll see a “Should Fix” message telling you that you should fix this problem: Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.

What is the Actually meaning of these issue(Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content)?

When a Browser (Google Chrome, Opera Browser, Firefox (Mozilla), and Uc Browser) loads a Website or Web Page, CSS Resouces, and JavaScript Usually Try to Show the Website or Web page from Being Displayed till they processed and Downloaded the Page by the Browser. In very Rare Case, this is a Nice Thing. Let me give you an example, Render pure Html (Hyper Text Markup Language) before any Css (Cascading Style Sheets) and after this you will get a FOUC (Flash of Unstyled Content) In my Thinking this (FOUC) is possibly the Worst Experience for your Visitors after that Waiting a few thousands of the Second Longer to Appear the Content.

I think most of you know about that, Some resources need to be downloaded and processed before displaying anything.

But Sometime, many CSS and JavaScript resources are conditional. And these Condition is only applied in Rare Cases. Or these simply no need to Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content. If you want to Create the Possible Fastest Experience to your Visitor, You should always check your speed and if there any problem you must solve it. Or try to Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content that aren’t required to display.

I want to clear one point that you have to know. If you want to Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS: it need very much effort or simply be impossible to remove all render-blocking resources. Doing so may even produce the dreaded FOUC (up) I tell you one thing in upper line. Just remember that it isn’t our goal to attain a perfect PageSpeed score.

How to Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS

There is any Plugin for that (How to Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS), Yes? Well, Yes, But before starting using plugin you need to know what’s actually going on. Many Plugins are recommended and High Popularity and they Plugins know that ‘How to Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS’ that plugins help you to work more effectively with the plugin of your choose.

Plugins to Reduce Render-blocking css and JavaScript


When I am do preparation for this Post, I worked my way through about some popular and Famous WordPress Plugins. These plugins are highly designed and recommended to How to Fix Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress.

You Should Try this Method on your Website or Web Page.

One Other test we will use as a benchmark. The Other tool is Pingdom Websie Speed Test. In These Test, You want to take a short note of the no. of requests needed to load the website or web page and see. And “when you use different Plugin the No. of Issues is also different”.

Top 5 Popular and Recommended Plugins for WordPress.


Here I search many Plugins. I got some plugins that help you to remove render-blocking javascript jquery wordpress. Let’s Start

Speed Booster Pack

In our List this Plugins was First and most popular and recommended plugin for wordpress to Solve (eliminate render-blocking javascript and css wordpress) is “Speed Booster Pack”. This Plugin is still installs on 45,000 (45K) WordPress Hosted Websites. And gets 3.6 Out of 5 Star rating at WordPress.org

Speed Booster Pack

This Plugin (Speed Booster Pack) you find this on WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Speed Booster Pack and this Plugin having very reasonably and Simple menu. This Plugin offering some good and easy to go with configuration options.

In General Option Menu can be Change your Scripts to the Footer (Bottom) and Defer the parsing of JavaScript Files. In Include, These two options have capability to remove render-blocking JavaScript files. Any another menu Header still need more Accuracy? Allows for the Loading of CSS Bodies. While this should have eliminated all rendering-blocking CSS, If you Enable this Option Produced the Dreaded of FOUC, So if this plugin give me this kind of result. So I don’t change the Option its property to Enable to Disable.

JCH Optimize

In our List this Plugin was Second and Popular and Recommended Plugin for WordPress to Solve (eliminate render-blocking javascript and css wordpress) is “JCH Optimize”. This Plugin is has fewer installs on wordpress hosted websites. And Get 4.6 out of 5 Star Rating at WordPress.org

JCH Optimize

This Plugin (JCH Optimize) includes and min. JavaScript and CSS, and this plugin come with many other features also, This Plugin (JCH Optimize) is Specially Designed to Increase Speed of your Website and Page loading.  While eliminate render-blocking javascript and css. It not specifically mentioned anywhere, the Including of JavaScripts and CSS, Files should mean that there are far more resources needed to load the paged far JS and CSS resources in a Render-blocking Places.


In our List this Plugin was Third and Popular and Recommended Plugin for WordPress to Solve (eliminate render-blocking javascript and css wordpress) is “Autoptimize”. This Plugin having many installs on 300,000 (300K or 3Lakh) wordpress hosted websites. And get 4.7 out of 5 Star Rating at WordPress.org.


This Plugin (Autoptimize) when the author of this Plugins making these plugin there mind set to  designed this Plugin simple to use and it lives with a Guarantee that this Plugin some many of your issues related to loading speed of a Website. Whereas in this Plugin many of the Other options also was there. In this plugin I get many good and responsive menus, Autoptimize is very simple and easy to use plugin in WordPress Platform for Eliminate render-blocking CSS and JavaScript. All You have to do is go to Strong > Autoptimize and Select the 3 primary you should see that options which is displayed on that page.

Async JavaScript

Next on our List this plugin was fourth popular and recommended plugin on WordPress to Solve (eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and css wordpress) is “Async JavaScript”. This Plugin having very less user than above Three Plugins. This Plugin installs on 4,000 (4K) wordpress hosted websites. And get 4.4 out of 5 Star Rating at WordPress.org.

This is the Another dead-simple plugin. Just Install and active this plugin. After that go to the Async JavaScript option. And added to the WordPress Admin menu. Select the Checkbox was next to Enable Async JavaScript option. Select the Radio button for either the Defer or Async Method. Then Save the Changes and see how much increment your loading speed get.

Also Combining Async JavaScript and Autoptimize

You should also combine both of the Plugin (Async JavaScript and Autoptimize). The Async javascript menu was draws an attention to a fact that Async JavaScript was designed to get nice performance with Autoptimize. Since I already installed Autoptimize plugin in my website. I gave a try to this Fact. After Activating the Plugin and enabling all the necessary options. I actually think that, that was a myth only. But when I go to Page Speed Insight I really Shock that actually this myth was true. Its give delete 2 of my issues.


Next and Last on our List this plugin was fifth popular and recommended plugin on WordPress to Solve (eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and css wordpress) is “HummingBird”. Actually this Plugin was Premium Plugin that I also used in my Own Websites. In Market there is no free version of this plugin was available, However, This plugin was best and most trusted for eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and css wordpress. So that thing is nice. And in our rating scale this plugin get 4.4 out of 5 Star Rating at WordPress.org.

Hummingbird is a Complex Plugin, But this plugin was very user-friendly type. And To remove eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and css go to Hummingbird > Minification and after that Check Files. From the resulting page in that page you can select Javascript and CSS files to move to the page header or footer, as well this plugin combine and minify all the JavaScript and CSS file.



Not all plugins that say to Identify and eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS issues are created same. But Autoptimize used in Combination with Async Javascipt is the best free method to get nice results. However, if you using the premium (Paid) Plugin ‘HummingBird’. It much many better, Or these result definitely satisfied you and Google Page Speed Insights.

This Article is for just telling what actually Eliminate Render-blocking CSS and JavaScript. and which plugins is best to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS.


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